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(January 29, 2003) - A pesky worm targeted servers worldwide recently: could it have been prevented? Well, to begin with, this problem was discovered and a fix posted several months ago (on July 24, 2002) at this location: www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/default.asp?url=/technet/secur ity/bulletin/MS02-039.asp> A complete (highly technical) description of the problem is here:http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;[LN];323875. In a nutshell, though (and for the less technically inclined amongst us), the attack involves sending a specially crafted packet to the SQL Server Resolution Service on port 1434. This packet is larger than the kinds of packets that SQL Server expects to receive on this port (100 *bytes instead of 25, for example). What happens in cases like this is that the excess bytes (75 bytes in the case of the example above) get pushed right ... (more)

From the .NET Developer's Journal Archives: A Talk with the Father of C#

In this classic codehead-to-codehead interview with the editor-in-chief of .NET Developer's Journal, Microsoft's Anders Hejlsberg discusses the origins and the future of C#. The interview appeared in .NET Developer's Journal, Vol 1 issue 1 - in October 2002. .NETDJ: Why did you choose to work for Microsoft? AH: I started at Microsoft in 1996. I started after 13 years at Borland and had increasingly had some disagreements with management there about the direction in which the company should go. I felt that they should focus more on tools for developers. Actually, Borland is caterin... (more)

EmEditor 3.31 Updated

(January 14, 2003) - Emurasoft, Inc. has just released EmEditor 3.31, the latest version of the company's text editing shareware tool designed mainly for Web and software development. EmEditor supports editing of a number of different programming languages via an array of plug-ins. New features include a Windows Toolbar to switch easily between windows and a Page Setup dialog box where details such as which printer to use, page size, and page orientation can be specified. Another new function, Save/Restore Workspace commands, allows users to save and restore the positions of wind... (more)

Whidn't-It-Bey Nice To Have Them Today?

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends... I felt the need to start my editorial off with a little Progressive Rock reference after learning at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) last week that Don Box and Jeff Richter are both (like me) fans of the genre. I was so busy attending to .NETDJ duties at the conference, that I learned very little else - other than that: Whidbey is going to be the most stunning .NET release yet. Yukon is going to be the most incredible database in history. Longhorn is going to be the most amazing operating system ever. ... (more)

SPOT from MS: Data Where and When You Need It

(January 13, 2003) - Microsoft has just announced a technology that is sure to represent the most successful step yet towards it vision of "information anywhere, anytime, on any device." Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) will deliver up-to-the-minute stock reports, sports scores, and all sorts of other data directly to personal items as small as wrist watches and cell phones. Interestingly enough, the bandwidth being used to support this technology is the same kind of radio technology that currently supports piped-in music such as Muzak. It will be seen within the next ye... (more)