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(Microsoft Chief Architect and Distinguished Engineer Anders Hejlsberg, inventor of the C# programming language, which underpins .NET, granted an exclusive interview to .NET Developer's Journal for its premier issue, coming in January 2003. As a preview, Derek Ferguson covers highlights from Hejlsberg's OOPSLA presentation.) (November 20, 2002) - Anders Hejlsberg delivered a speech to the attendees of the recent OOPSLA conference in Seattle in which he described four new features to be incorporated into the C# programming language. These were: generics, Iierators, anonymous methods, and partial types. Generics is a technology developed largely by Don Syme and Andrew Kennedy of Microsoft Research. Similar to C++ Templates, generics are much more powerful. For example, in C#, developers will be able to restrict the types of the "wildcards" used to concretize their gene... (more)

Politics and Microsoft

By the time you read this, the election here in America will (hopefully) have been decided. I inserted "hopefully" in there because, as I write this, both candidates are tied at exactly 48% of the vote - indicating a very high likelihood of another extremely close election like we had in 2000, followed by another round of vote disputes, also like we had in 2000. However, I will leave political issues like that up to the "professional" news organizations to resolve. Microsoft Loses Its FAT patent The technical news that has most caught my interest over the last month or so has be... (more)

The Glory of Web Services Edge 2005

Last week, I was happy to spend a few days serving as .NET track chair for the Web Services Edge 2005 conference in Boston. It was the fourth time I had served in this capacity, and the conference continued its proud tradition of improving on itself year-after-year. For me the conference began with the presentation of a brand new talk about Microsoft's SPOT platform. As one of just 10 "outsiders" working directly with Microsoft to create its upcoming PC Channel SDK for SmartWatch devices, this is a topic I'm going to talk about a lot in the coming months. The rest of the sessions... (more)

Book Review: Pragmatic ADO.NET

My first big assignment for Magenic was described to me by one of our salespeople over a rather expensive dinner involving a copious amount of alcohol. For these reasons (reason #1: salesperson, reason #2: alcohol), by the end of the conversation all I really knew about what I'd be walking into was that it was going to involve a database of some kind. This distinguished it from other projects in pretty much no way whatsoever. Because I was eager to do well on my first assignment, however, I resolved to buy a book on database access from .NET and extend my solid understanding int... (more)

Linux - Mono - .NET: An Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interview With Miguel de Icaza

Mono is the leading non-Microsoft implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specification. The CLI is the foundation of .NET. Because Mono runs on a number of platforms, it is the main choice today for people who want to run .NET applications on non-Microsoft platforms such as Linux.  .NETDJ's editor in chief recently interviewed Mono's creator, Miguel de Icaza,  directly at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington! .NETDJ: How did Mono come about? MI: I have been working on open source for a very long time. I don't remember exactly how long - maybe sin... (more)