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From time to time, I find myself lassoing a sacred cow in this Editorial space, dragging it over to the slaughterhouse of rhetoric, and ultimately barbecuing its falsehood over the stainless-steel, six-burner, propane-powered grill of real-world experience. To wit, the current industry obsession with SOA as a panacea for every information system ill from performance to security is, in my humble opinion, a phenomenal load of crap. Now, please don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that there isn't a myriad of benefits to be derived from exposing systems' functionality for access by other automated systems simply by passing XML across industry-standard networking protocols such as HTTP and TCP. Web services are great! If you have to interoperate with non-Microsoft systems, they may be your only option. If you are building a system today and you suspect that some other... (more)

The Continuing Evolution of ASP.NET: An Interview with Scott Guthrie, co-creator of ASP.NET

.NETDJ's editor-in-chief Derek Ferguson Interviews Scott Guthrie, co-creator of ASP.NET .NETDJ: How did you come to your current role at Microsoft? SG: I run our Web Platforms and Tools team, which includes ASP.NET as well as Visual Studio .NET. I cofounded the ASP.NET team with Mark Anders in November of '97, right after we shipped IIS 4. Mark and I started the next generation Web application model project and spent a couple of months just prototyping things. I wrote the prototype of ASP.NET over the New Year's holiday of '97/'98. We showed off the prototype, got a lot of good fe... (more)

New CACHÉ 5 Delivers Real-time Analytics for Transaction Processing

(September 23, 2002) - InterSystems Corporation has recently announced the launch of version 5 of their object-oriented database system, CACHÉ. This database is considered to be faster than either Oracle or SQL Server and is the leading database within the healthcare industry. It is most often used "behind the scenes" by ISVs as a licensed part of their own software's infrastructure. Points of interest to .NET developers: 1) CACHÉ has its own language and IDE for creating stored procedures within the database. However, the language is very similar to Visual Basic 6 and the IDE ... (more)

Two Views of Development

I hate religion. Not any one religion in particular, mind you - just the entire idea that there is anything in life that should be placed beyond question. Even worse than this, in my humble opinion, is uncontrolled idealism. So, then, what can any of this have to do with .NET? Well, in short, this month I have had an epiphany, the crux of which is: The average .NET developer is a pragmatist and a technology agnostic The average Java developer is an idealist and a technology zealot The initial seed for my realization was planted during dinner with our publisher, Fuat Kircaali, ... (more)

Timing the Market with Distributed Genetics

I’ve always been puzzled by the ability of some traders to consistently make money. A cynic would say that anyone who is able to profit in all adverse economic environments (recessions, depressions, etc.) is most likely able to do so because they are getting information that is not generally available. Although the cynic might mean “inside” information by this statement, I believe that there is a non-cynical interpretation of this statement that is, to some degree, correct. Algorithmic trading engines and market data vendors are becoming increasingly important on Wall Street, ex... (more)