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.NET Editor-in-Chief Derek Ferguson sat down to chat with Microsoft Software Legend David Chappell at the recent Professional Developers Conference 2003. In this exclusive interview, Chappell talks about how he came to focus on Microsoft technologies, and why he enjoys teaching and speaking about new technologies. -Interviewed by Derek Ferguson, .NETDJ Editor-in-Chief .NETDJ: I'd like to start off by having you tell me a little bit about yourself, please. DC: I am a speaker, writer, and consultant. I talk about technology - how to use it, when to use it, why to use it, and where to use it. My audience is developers, architects, and IT decision makers. For the past decade or so, I've been focused on Microsoft technologies. .NETDJ: Why Microsoft technologies? DC: I spent the first 10 years of my career as a Unix guy, until something happened that abruptly changed my pa... (more)

How To Retrofit Your Organization's Apps for the Wireless Internet

By 2003, more Internet connections will be made by wireless devices than by standard PCs. This revolution in data connectivity will facilitate the creation of entirely new kinds of software applications, providing myriad new opportunities for start-ups and established software vendors alike. But what does it mean for the corporate IS department? Unless you work for an accounting firm that's so conservative that they still haven't given up their abacuses, the chances are strong that you've got a lot of homegrown applications in use at your organization. Under these circumstances,... (more)

Delphi Review

My first exposure to Delphi came during my interview with Anders Hejlsberg at Tech Ed 2004 in San Diego. "Whatever happened to Turbo Pascal," I asked him? God bless Mr. Hejlsberg for the patience with which he responded to this rather foolish question. "Well," he said, "that would be Delphi." I turned three shades of red, realizing that I had failed to "connect the dots" in my understanding of Anders' pre-Microsoft career at Borland. Oops! So, when Borland asked several months later if I would be interested in reviewing their forthcoming release of Delphi 2005, I was considerably ... (more)

SPOT from MS: Data Where and When You Need It

(January 13, 2003) - Microsoft has just announced a technology that is sure to represent the most successful step yet towards it vision of "information anywhere, anytime, on any device." Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) will deliver up-to-the-minute stock reports, sports scores, and all sorts of other data directly to personal items as small as wrist watches and cell phones. Interestingly enough, the bandwidth being used to support this technology is the same kind of radio technology that currently supports piped-in music such as Muzak. It will be seen within the next ye... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Gunther Lenz

  SYS-CON Radio interviews Gunther Lenz, Scientist of Siemens Corporate Research about the book ".NET - A Complete Development Cycle" (www.seapplied.net) and Siemens Corporate Research. Click here to listen {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)