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Fate likes to urinate in my breakfast cereal! Just days after submitting my previous editorial for publication - wherein, you may remember, I had extolled the virtues of local software expertise over those of off-shore development - I was asked to extend my consulting engagement in San Francisco for a period of several months. As many of you may recall, I live in Chicago. I guess I did a good enough job on my first assignment to be wanted back, even at the expense of travel. This was a bittersweet proposition for a consultant who loves both his job and his family, as you can probably imagine! Ultimately, I managed to work out a two-weeks-on-site/two-weeks-remote work schedule with the client. In light of my pronouncements on the fate of telecommuting in last month's editorial, this got me to thinking quite a bit about how work-at-home has worked - and not worked - i... (more)

Delphi Review

My first exposure to Delphi came during my interview with Anders Hejlsberg at Tech Ed 2004 in San Diego. "Whatever happened to Turbo Pascal," I asked him? God bless Mr. Hejlsberg for the patience with which he responded to this rather foolish question. "Well," he said, "that would be Delphi." I turned three shades of red, realizing that I had failed to "connect the dots" in my understanding of Anders' pre-Microsoft career at Borland. Oops! So, when Borland asked several months later if I would be interested in reviewing their forthcoming release of Delphi 2005, I was considerably ... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: "SOA Sucks"

From time to time, I find myself lassoing a sacred cow in this Editorial space, dragging it over to the slaughterhouse of rhetoric, and ultimately barbecuing its falsehood over the stainless-steel, six-burner, propane-powered grill of real-world experience. To wit, the current industry obsession with SOA as a panacea for every information system ill from performance to security is, in my humble opinion, a phenomenal load of crap. Now, please don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that there isn't a myriad of benefits to be derived from exposing systems' functionality for access b... (more)

Timing the Market with Distributed Genetics

I’ve always been puzzled by the ability of some traders to consistently make money. A cynic would say that anyone who is able to profit in all adverse economic environments (recessions, depressions, etc.) is most likely able to do so because they are getting information that is not generally available. Although the cynic might mean “inside” information by this statement, I believe that there is a non-cynical interpretation of this statement that is, to some degree, correct. Algorithmic trading engines and market data vendors are becoming increasingly important on Wall Street, ex... (more)

The Father of C# Improves His Brainchild

(Microsoft Chief Architect and Distinguished Engineer Anders Hejlsberg, inventor of the C# programming language, which underpins .NET, granted an exclusive interview to .NET Developer's Journal for its premier issue, coming in January 2003. As a preview, Derek Ferguson covers highlights from Hejlsberg's OOPSLA presentation.) (November 20, 2002) - Anders Hejlsberg delivered a speech to the attendees of the recent OOPSLA conference in Seattle in which he described four new features to be incorporated into the C# programming language. These were: generics, Iierators, anonymous metho... (more)