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In March I had the honor and privilege to serve as .NET Track Chair for SYS-CON Events' Web Services Edge East Conference & Expo in Boston. It is no exaggeration to say that it was simply the best conference I have attended in several years. The technical content was meaty, the opinions were strong, and the discussions were open - who could ask for anything more? Of particular joy to me was the warm reception with which my long-anticipated "CLI Day" was received by the conference audiences. Miguel de Icaza, CTO of Ximian and founder of the Mono Project to port .NET to Linux, kicked things off with a truly brilliant keynote on the afternoon of March 18. On March 19 we had a day's worth of sessions in the .NET track that focused exclusively on CLI implementations other than Microsoft's CLR. Yahya Mirza, Brian Jepson, and Brad McCabe all did incredible jobs presenting t... (more)

The Great OS Shoot-Out

I have been redoing our "family computer" this week, as I am changing jobs and have needed to use a computer in between the end of my work at Magenic and the start of my work at my soon-to-be employer (more details on that shortly). As a part of overhauling our family computer, I moved from Windows Media Center Edition (never a good fit for the older hardware on our family computer) to two new operating systems on separate partitions: Windows Vista Beta 1 and Novell's Linux Desktop (SUSE, if I correctly understand the nomenclature). My first observation was that Linux's installa... (more)

Linux - Mono - .NET: An Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interview With Miguel de Icaza

Mono is the leading non-Microsoft implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specification. The CLI is the foundation of .NET. Because Mono runs on a number of platforms, it is the main choice today for people who want to run .NET applications on non-Microsoft platforms such as Linux.  .NETDJ's editor in chief recently interviewed Mono's creator, Miguel de Icaza,  directly at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington! .NETDJ: How did Mono come about? MI: I have been working on open source for a very long time. I don't remember exactly how long - maybe sin... (more)

Let's Face It, We're All Screwed

When I was a kid, I remember someone saying, "If you like where you're sitting, you had better stay there!" They were referring to a prediction that the Earth's population was going to increase to the point that there wouldn't be enough room for everyone to sit, so we'd all have to stay standing forever, or some such nonsense. As I got older, of course, I came to realize that overpopulation was - or so I thought - strictly going to be the problem of other, less "developed" parts of the world. Since everyone couldn't come here, they'd simply have to rot in whatever god-forsaken h... (more)

Timing the Market with Distributed Genetics

I’ve always been puzzled by the ability of some traders to consistently make money. A cynic would say that anyone who is able to profit in all adverse economic environments (recessions, depressions, etc.) is most likely able to do so because they are getting information that is not generally available. Although the cynic might mean “inside” information by this statement, I believe that there is a non-cynical interpretation of this statement that is, to some degree, correct. Algorithmic trading engines and market data vendors are becoming increasingly important on Wall Street, ex... (more)