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Shared Source CLI Essentials I began reading Shared Source CLI Essentials with a rather high set of expectations. I knew that one of the authors, David Stutz, was an ex-Microsoft employee who had recently gone on record criticizing Redmond's attitude toward open source. Another one of the authors, Ted Neward, ran Web sites dedicated to both Java (www.javageeks.com) and .NET (www.clrgeeks.com) virtual machines, and was a speaker at SYS-CON's Web Services Edge 2003 West conference. Finally, the book's editor, Brian Jepson, had assured me that the book was going to be one of the best technology books I had ever read. I wasn't disappointed, but before I tell you why, let me make sure you understand exactly what this book is about and who it is for; otherwise you may find yourself disappointed. Shared Source CLI Essentials is for people who want to better understand the i... (more)

Exclusive .NET Developer's Journal "Indigo" Interview with Microsoft's Don Box

Related Links: .NET Developer's Journal Editor-in-Chief Named Microsoft "Most Valued Professional" .NETDJ: What is your official title and department? Don Box: I am an architect in the Distributed Systems Group. I am responsible for the protocols and the plumbing that we do in that group. I'm on an architecture team, so the responsibility is distributed, but basically five other architects and I work on the WS-* protocols, Indigo, and the stuff that leads up to Indigo, such as work on ASMX and Web Services Enhancements (WSE). .NETDJ: How did you get started in computer technologies... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: "SOA Sucks"

From time to time, I find myself lassoing a sacred cow in this Editorial space, dragging it over to the slaughterhouse of rhetoric, and ultimately barbecuing its falsehood over the stainless-steel, six-burner, propane-powered grill of real-world experience. To wit, the current industry obsession with SOA as a panacea for every information system ill from performance to security is, in my humble opinion, a phenomenal load of crap. Now, please don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that there isn't a myriad of benefits to be derived from exposing systems' functionality for access b... (more)

The Father of C# Improves His Brainchild

(Microsoft Chief Architect and Distinguished Engineer Anders Hejlsberg, inventor of the C# programming language, which underpins .NET, granted an exclusive interview to .NET Developer's Journal for its premier issue, coming in January 2003. As a preview, Derek Ferguson covers highlights from Hejlsberg's OOPSLA presentation.) (November 20, 2002) - Anders Hejlsberg delivered a speech to the attendees of the recent OOPSLA conference in Seattle in which he described four new features to be incorporated into the C# programming language. These were: generics, Iierators, anonymous metho... (more)

The Next Generation of CLI

The issue of this magazine that you now hold in your hands represents a landmark of truly historic proportions. Never before in the realm of .NET media has any magazine dared to focus an entire issue on the topic of non-Windows CLI implementations. For many of you, this will be your very first glimpse of technologies guaranteed to dramatically change the way in which you work. For others, the very existence of this issue should be seen as the ultimate vindication of all the long hours you have labored unsung ­ building the next generation of CLI. If you aren't familiar with the ... (more)