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.NETDJ's editor-in-chief Derek Ferguson Interviews Scott Guthrie, co-creator of ASP.NET .NETDJ: How did you come to your current role at Microsoft? SG: I run our Web Platforms and Tools team, which includes ASP.NET as well as Visual Studio .NET. I cofounded the ASP.NET team with Mark Anders in November of '97, right after we shipped IIS 4. Mark and I started the next generation Web application model project and spent a couple of months just prototyping things. I wrote the prototype of ASP.NET over the New Year's holiday of '97/'98. We showed off the prototype, got a lot of good feedback, and wound up creating a new team and staffing it from scratch. .NETDJ: Why did you decide to rework ASP so radically, rather than continuing on incrementally? SG: In '97, we were in a weird situation because we really didn't have any competitors - no JSP, no PHP. We had just integrate... (more)

New .NET Component from CyberSource

CyberSource, a leading provider of payment processing and fraud detection services, has recently announced their release of a .NET component to provide developers with access to their services' proprietary API. The service uses a micro-payments system that is very much in keeping with the new generation of Web services software. For just pennies per transaction, developers can add such advanced features to their applications as credit card processing, geo-location, and tax calculations. Because this API operates via the Web, it is being touted as a Web service - however, no suppo... (more)

SPOT from MS: Data Where and When You Need It

(January 14, 2003) - Microsoft has just announced a technology that is sure to represent the most successful step yet towards it vision of "information anywhere, anytime, on any device." Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) will deliver up-to-the-minute stock reports, sports scores, and all sorts of other data directly to personal items as small as wrist watches and cell phones. Interestingly enough, the bandwidth being used to support this technology is the same kind of radio technology that currently supports piped-in music such as Muzak. It will be seen within the next ye... (more)

Borland Brings Application Life Cycle & J2EE Interoperability to .NET

(May 6, 2003) - Hoping to provide an alternative for C# developers to Microsoft's own Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio .NET 2003 products, Borland has announced the mid-summer availability of their new C#Builder IDE and the future availability of their Janeva J2EE interoperability product. .NETDJ recently got the details on these new products in an interview with Michael Swindell, director of Developer Products and Technology for Borland and Jamie Sison, director of Business Development and Product Marketing in Borland's Enterprise Business unit. The IDE will support the crea... (more)

From "Windows" to ASP.NET - After six years of writing books, new technology still excites authors

At PDC 2003 Alex Homer and David Sussman, Microsoft Software Legends and authors, talked about how they came to be writers, the rate of adoption of .NET technology, and, of course, Whidbey, Yukon, and Longhorn. -Interviewed by Derek Ferguson, .NETDJ Editor-in-Chief .NETDJ: So, tell me a little about yourselves... DS: I've been a full-time writer for about six years now. I started out writing about the original Active Server Pages (ASP) and Active Data Objects (ADO). We've been working very closely with the ASP team ever since. AH: I think the real secret to our success might be that ... (more)